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Welcome to The goal of the Gliedman Internet Family Tree is to connect as many Gliedmans located in America as possible. Research into the past history of the Gliedman family is an ongoing endeavor. However, if you or someone you know has any genealogical information regarding the Gliedman family or related families, please feel free to contact me.

Updated 3/1/2010 -The tree is just about complete. We are just a few people away from having all the decendants of Louis Gliedman on one tree. The Jaffe line is now complete thanks to Zelda Zetekoff.

What we need now is any info on the Glass line. Rose Gliedman and Sam Glass had three children: Annie, Nettie and Emannuel. Only Nettie married and had children. She married Robert Cohen and had two children. If any one knows the names of Netties kids or if those kids had children please email me here.

Thank you and enjoy the family tree.

Erik Gliedman


 Gliedman Family Tree 7
    UPDATED 3/1/2010

If you or someone you know has any old records, documents or photographs regarding any Gliedman relative please send it to I am looking to expand our online collection of research.

Please note that to view the Census Images you must download a browser plugin here. Save the plugin to your computer then click "open" when the download completes. Follow the on screen instructions. Once installed you will be able to view the census records.

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